Shankar's 'I' Collects more than 'PK' in Overseas

Many critics felt that Vikram, Amy Jackson's I directed by Shankar disappointed movie lovers failing to live up to their towering expectations. 

However it is now coming out that I is outshining not only many films but also Amir Khan's PK in ovearseas market. In many markets across the world, I minted good money getting headstart. In its opening weekend the film's Tamil,Telugu and Hindi versions collected $697,346 (4.3 crore), $293,411 (1.81 crore) and $10,373 (6.40 lakh) respectively from 222, 131 and 36 screens at US box office. PK on the other hand in its fifth weekend grossed $63,227 (39.08 lakh) from 31 screens and till now it has $8,485,040 (52.36 crore). Other films like Tevar and Ambala didnot perform well .

I dominated even the Canadian box office. It collected $201,207 (1.24 crore) from 11 screens while PK made $38,123 (23.56 lakh) from 12 screens.In UK, I collected £258,764 (2.41 crore) from 57 screens compared to PK which raked in £41,650 (38.84 lakh) from 23 screens. In Australia I collected A$ 247,751 (1.25 crore) from 18 screens while PK made 
$2751 (1.39 lakh) from five screens. I got NZ $ 29,862 (14.33 lakh) from five screens  and PK earned NZ $4,235 ( 2.02 lakh) in Newzealand market.

I showed its power in Malaysia collecting MYR 2,162,742 (3.74 crore) in its first weekend from 40 screens while PK collected MYR 9,343 (1.61 lakh) from two screens.
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