SyeRaa @ UA area 17days Collections

UA Area Collections

Day1: 4.21Cr
Day2: 1.06Cr
Day3: 0.74Cr
Day4: 0.78Cr
Day5: 1.04Cr
Day6: 0.47Cr
Day7: 1.09Cr
Day8: 0.78Cr
Day9: 0.42Cr
Day10: 0.31Cr
Day11: 0.35Cr
Day12: 0.39Cr
Day13: 0.12Cr
Day14: 0.10Cr
Day15: 0.04Cr
Day16: 0.04Cr
Day17: 0.02Cr

Total 17days Share 11.96Cr

Note: Theatrical rights sold for 14.5Cr

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  2. Enduku Ra meeku ee bathukulu chii... . UA lo breakeven ayyindi ani yevadini adigina cheptaru

  3. It's mahesh babu fan page bro nizam collections also showing less and bharath annu nenu collects 100 cr share anta wt a joke their fans only said maharshi is first 100 crore share movie Anne rey mee......