Karthikeya Surprises Nikhil

Eating, sleeping and walking on cloud nine are the only things energetic hero Nikhil has been to these days. Success of 'Karthikeya' made this youngster feel relaxed as this happens to be his second hit flick in a row. And then here comes surprises for Nikhil a week after his movie's release.

Generally the number of screens and collections go down with each passing day for any movie. But for a small budgeted flick like Karthikeya that is happening on the reverse-side. At all major 'A' centers, number of theatres and screens playing Karthikeya are getting increased tremendously. For example at the popular Prasad's Multiplex in Hyderabad, on day one only 3 shows are allotted for this suspense thriller in a day. And a couple of days later they have increased it to 5 and from coming Friday it is going to be 10 shows for Karthikeya at this popular spot. Nikhil expressed his surprise saying, "crazy increase in allocation of screens for Karthikeya", as the film is just on the way to become blockbuster

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