Oka Laila Kosam Surpasses Manam in Nizam

Movie lovers felt Akkineni's generational entertainer Manam mesmerized everyone so much so that it out up strong Show in Nizam. However Naga Chaitanya's recent romantic entertainer Oka Laila Kosam surpassed all by defeating Manam quite comfortably in Nizam.

OLK garnered 3.2 crore, while ANR's last film managed 2.85 crores in first week and in the process set a new record of sorts. Naga Chaitanya for the first time crossed 3 crore Mark in Nizam shocking the distributors.

A distributor says "We never expected that OLK would draw more than Manam since Manam had huge  pre-release hype but still simple romantic comedy surpassed it"

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