Hrithik Roshan Slams Media over Rumors On Ex-Wife

Giving all clues that they are talking about hunk hero Hrithik Roshan, his ex-wife Sussane and their family friend actor Arjun Rampal, a leading media house today wrote that the illicit affair of Arjun and Sussanne is what lead to Hrithik's divorce and then the hearbreak of Arjun's wife Mehr Jessia. Lambasting at this article, all the parties who are not named have responded in style.

It is Hrithik Roshan who first came out in support of his former wife. He reportedly posted on twitter, "If you people knew how much false news is printed, the papers would actually stop selling". Similarly  actor Arjun Rampal too vocalized his anger, saying "Bombay Times, who paid you? Who are these faceless accusers? If you have the guts reveal them first. Stay away from me and my family". And Sussane too joined the bandwagon of blasting the print house by releasing a press statement.

"It is pure speculation and rumour mongering. Arjun and Mehr are good friends and been together. To poison a relationship is the most malicious behavior. Though I've stated in same paper that Arjun and I are just friends, why do they write this stuff again?", Susanne asked. We have to see how our print media house responds. 

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