Samantha Trying To Impress Ram Charan

Samantha has acted with almost all the leading stars in Telugu barring Charan and Prabhas. Right now, she is shooting for a film with Allu Arjun. Though she has done three films with NTR and two films with Mahesh, she hasn’t done any films with Prabhas and Charan.Well, she was supposed to play the lead opposite Charan in Yevadu. But she could not do the project due to date problems.

Right now, Samantha is not getting as many offers as she used to get in the past. Also, she does not have any film barring Allu Arjun’s film in Telugu. So, the petite actress seems to have decided to woo the stars she did not act with. As per her latest agenda, she is trying her best to grab the attention of Ram Charan. As a part of that, she recently praised Charan to the skies regarding the Laila O Laila song in Nayak. Yes, you read that one right, the song from Nayak which released long time back.

She has posted comments saying that she liked his attitude in the song. Instantly, his fans questioned her as to when they can expect their combination. Since Charan is quite active on social networking sites, the news would have already reached Charan. Now, it remains to be seen when he will recommend Samantha for his film.

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