Nani's Creativity Saves Three Angels?

After their father tumbled with big ticket flops like Kantri and Sakthi, daughters of producer Ashwini Dutt have started a new banner 'Three Angels' to produce films. Much to their dismay, their three production ventures till date have bitten dust at box office leaving them in a lurch. Here comes their new venture, which is expected to be a saviour.

Dutt's daughter Priyanka is now producing her fourth film, Nani's 'Yevade Subramanyam' under newcomer Nag Aswin's direction, from which she is expecting huge change of fortunes. Earlier three films including Banam, Sarochharu and Om Shanti flopped big time, resulting in hefty losses for Three Angels. And coming to this latest movie, hero Nani is pouring in heavy creativity to promote Yevadu Subramanyam. Apart from director's well crafted script, Nani is said to be giving inputs to market the flick for grand openings. So, we have to see if he could save Three Angels or not.

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