Now On, It's Pawan Kalyan Show

Okay, just when the fans of Pawan Kalyan were suddenly put on hold as the producers did not announce January 9 as release date, the producers announced that the film will release on January 10.

The film had its share of problems and there was lot of dilly-dallying about the release date as it has to compete with Shankar’s visual extravaganza I. But the makers are confident that Pawan and the following he has among Telugu audiences will see the film through.

For starters, it was supposed to release for Sankranthi. Now, it has been pushed forward by four days. Then, since they could not reach the regular Friday release, they decided to go ahead and release the film on Saturday.

Already, fans are getting ready to watch the charity shows. And all the concern about release date has only heightened the curiosity of fans. Now, it is for Pawan to work his magic not only on the opening day, but also in the following week when I hits the screens. Since the film has been making headlines thanks to Pawan Kalyan, the time has come for him to kick start the year with a huge commercial hit.

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