NTR Diehard Fan Request on Youtube

A self-proclaimed die-hard fan of NTR "123Kantri", from Bangalore, released an audio-video clipping on YouTube. The odd 5-minute message is a blunt appeal to the star hero asking him to "explore" his talent through "experimental" movies by coming out of "commercial" image. Expressing disappointment over NTR's recent films like Ramayya Vastavayya and Rabhasa, the fan expresses his wish to see NTR in a film like Shankar's I.

His message is read as,"NTR garu...I'm very big fan of yours. I'd watched Aadi movie twice on the day before my final 10th Class exam. I won't call you as Jr NTR as you're the only NTR I knew. I stay in Bangalore and I'm not fan of Nandamuri Vamsam but only fan of yours. I'd like to see you in diverse roles. You have loads of talent and you stand out in the top two performances in the last 10 years (in Telugu film industry). Your performance in Rakhi and Yamadonga come under top two performances. Especially I think your performance in Rakhi is much better than Yamadonga."

"You're best actor in Tollywood irrespective of castes and creed. In fact, even you know this. That's why you're not taking risk. You're not ready to explore yourself. Films like Ramayya Vastavayya and Rabhasa are not your standard. If Shankar had made I with you, I'm sure it'd get much better result. After 10-long years, Balakrishna garu got Simha and Pawan Kalyan garu got Gabbar Singh only long gap after Kushi. Please experiment as your commercial image would never go anywhere," continued 123Kantri.

"Even if your experimental film flops its okay. But make sure it's not bid-budget movie made with 70 Crore like One Nenokkadine as producer is equally important. As fans we are so mad that when your brother Janakiram met with accident we had watched TV for 3 hours only to catch a single glimpse of yours."

"A director like Shankar should come to you and make a film with you sir. I think he doesn't know about your talent. The expression you gave in the last 5 seconds of Temper teaser stands out in the past 50 years of Telugu industry and very few actors has done in Telugu so far. As fans we're ready to see you in different roles and as hero please work hard on it. The budget aspects like 50 Crore, 70 Crore doesn't matter. Even after 10 years if one sees your confrontation scene with Mohan Babu garu in Yamadonga, one gets goosebumps. That's what we want you to be. Anyone can act in fight and dance scenes. But acting is a rare quality in you. Please explore it as there are good directors in Tollywood. All you need is just send a hint that you're ready to experiment," ended the message.

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