PK Fan's Attacker Caught On Camera!!!

Madhapur police have released the pictures of a 'suspect' who has attacked Pawan Kalyan's fans association president K Srinivas at the launch of Gopala Gopala audio. 

While a tussle was going on between Srinivas and the supposed attacker's group, some other Pawan Kalyan fans have clicked it on their mobile. Upon scrutinizing those pictures, Police found a guy carrying a 'pocket knife' in his hand. It is heard that Srinivas' friends have identified rest of the attackers from the photos and police have released their pictures too. 

"If there is any information about the persons in these pictures, you could call us at 94935 49415, 94910 30063 and share the information. Srinivas is recovering at Sunshine Hospitals and his condition is improving", said SI Naresh, who is dealing the case. 

In a day or two, Pawan Kalyan will be visiting Srinivas once he gets discharged from the hospital. 

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