Rajanikanth says 'All Actors Have Limitations'

Well, some facts acquire prominence when they are uttered by an equally prominent personality. Though it is known that not everyone can do everything perfectly, when a superstar like Rajinikanth says it, it becomes part of cinema bible.

“Each actor has his or her unique body language and they do roles that suit their natural disposition,” says Rajinikath. He went on to say that all actors including himself cannot do all roles and similarly others cannot do what he does.

“Let’s take the example of Shankar’s I. The way Vikram has transformed himself into so many forms is amazing. I cannot do that surely,” says Thalaiva about his fellow actor. Also, the audiences have certain expectations from the audiences and they expect their favourite actors to fit into that mould. So, the heroes are entitled to give them what they want, he says.

“I used to roam around without any aim till I got into acting by chance. But once I fell into the able hands of K Balachander, I got a strong foundation. That’s what has helped me reach this stage in life. Times change and so do actors. Heroes who will suit the taste and expectations will come and it is a natural cycle of life.

No industry stops because of one actor. I feel there is a strong hand of god which is still helping me to act and do good films,” says a philosophical Rajinikanth who was a little disappointed with the way his fans received Lingaa. Talk from Tamil industry is that he has been showing interest in doing Robot 2.

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