Die-Hard Fan @ Open Letter to Pawan Kalyan

Dear Pawan Kalyan garu, I'm one of your die-hard fans. I might not put flexis of you, cut outs of you outside theatres, or even might not deck up your movie posters with garlands, yet it didn't deter me from being your staunch follower, fan. Apart from your films and contribution to movie industry, the love on you has doubled with your social activities, philanthropic works and your opinion on various social, political issues. Be your idea of initiating Common Man Protection Force or your contribution as Yuva Rajyam president, you've been sincere and genuine.

Ever since you made a public announcement about your political outfit Jana Sena at Hitex ground, we've been waiting to see you playing a pivotal role in Indian politics. The "ISM" book raised the expectations bar and gave an insight into your vision for the people of India. Your patriotism, love for the country is undeniable, unquestionable. Having said this, what's the need of the hour is you and Janasena. No doubt, your support to TDP-BJP combine in the general elections 2014 is appreciated. But it's high-time we're expecting your presence directly.

The latest political turmoil in the Telugu-speaking states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and political ramifications post bifurcation of the state and the ongoing battle between the Chief Ministers of AP, Telangana pose a major threat to new-generation politics. This is certainly a huge set back for the people who believe in democracy, constitution of India. Miffed people are looking for a change from the traditional, conventional political parties. Pawan, you still have a chance to prove yourself in politics. It's better late than never. Also considering the fact that the Opposition party YSR Congress failed to fight for the people, there's a huge political vacuum that Janasena could fill in and fit in. Of course, you could join forces with the likes of Loksatta Jayaprakash Narayan and emerge as a major political force in the coming years.

Your interference in politics is must and many of your fans (like me) are waiting to see you in a bigger role in politics. Just like your favourite dialogue in Gabbar Singh, "Nenu Trend Follow Avvanu, Trend Set Chestha", we're eagerly looking forward to see you setting new trend in the politics. It's the right time for you to build Janasena from the roots and emerge with flying colours.

Your Die-Hard Fan,

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