An Open Letter to Pawan Kalyan

Dear Mr. Pavan Kalyan,

I am Praveen and I am from Tulluru, one of the villages that come under the Amaravati capital area that Mr. Chandrababu Naidu is building. Currently, I am working as a Mechanical Engineer, far away from my village. I have been following your tweets and speeches since the last year and decided to write this letter to you to explain the viewpoint of a young person from this area. Let me be frank with you, there is no point being fake here.

You are a very rich guy. You grew up in a rich area in Chennai and you entered movies with the help of your brothers' stardom and movies are a family business to your clan. Everybody in your family becomes a hero by default- Ram Charn Tej, Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej, Allu Sirish, Allu Arjun and so on. How lucky! I wish I was born in to a rich family like yours'. You guys are even expanding in to new business like Turbo Mega airlines. In short, you are a rich business family. Your family even tried to take over the political space and failed, and now you want to try again.

Yesterday, I saw the pics from your brother's 60th anniversary and saw all the wealth and celebrities in tuxedos and suits and thought how many kids could have gone to school with that money spent on a meaningless birthday party. The problem is you are a part of this hypocrisy. On one hand, you are a product of this family business called Mega Family and on the other hand you claim to be the messaiah of the farmers. You have powerful connections, rich friends and fans. If you are so interested in the lives of poor people, why don't you start an NGO or a seva trust like Puttaparthi satya sai baba? We have a huge shortage of doctors in this country, why don't you start a medical college and a hospital for the poor? May be Upasna Kamineni would have helped you, she owns the largest private hospitals in the country.

No never, you will never do such things, you will only start a political party, because you have political ambitions. So, stop being a hypocrite and stop acting like you're a mother Teresa.

The funny part is you want to enter politics, but claim you don't know any politics at all. You said the main reason behind your party is to 'question', but you never really asked any important questions, questions that matter. You claim Narendra Modi to be a great leader and said you like him personally. Did you question him about the Godhra riots? Did you question him about how BJP and RSS alienates Muslims? Did you question him about special status for Andhra Pradesh? Did you ask him why Bihar was given a 1.5 lakh crore package yesterday, but not Andhra? Nope, may be Modi is too powerful for you to question, but what about KCR? Did you question KCR about all the farmers committing suicide in Telangana? Did you question Harish Rao on why they are not releasing Krishna water to Andhra farmers? Nope, none, not even a single question asked.

But you want to question Chandrababu Naidu. Why? Because you are a clever politician, in the skin of an actor. You don't want to appreciate the government's effort to build a world class capital, but you only want to become a road block to them. You don't care about the 98% of the farmers who voluntarily pooled their land, but you only care about those 2%, who are useful for your political game. You want to build your party and for that you need a launch pad and this is a perfect launch pad for you. This is how Mamta Banerjee became popular in Bengal with the Singur andolan. I am not sure who is teaching you politics, but they are clearly doing a good job.

Why were we upset when we lost Hyderabad to Telangana, during the bifurcation? Its because most of our revenue came from there and Hyderabad is a hub for employment opportunities. Chandrababu Naidu is trying to create such employment hubs from scratch, all over again. For decentralized development, the government is planning to acquire land for industries and development in Vizag, Kurnool, Chittor and Kakinada. Today you will oppose land acquisition in Vijayawada, tomorrow you will oppose something else in Vizag, and day after you will oppose another project in Tirupati. Finally, all the companies will move to Karnataka or Tamil Nadu and Andhra will be the ultimate looser.

There are thousands of young people, graduating from colleges in Andhra and they all need jobs. Who will give them jobs? By sending out stupid tweets, you are blocking the progress in our state. All these young fans of yours' who claim to be following 'Pawanism', don't know that they will be the biggest losers of this political game. They will not have any jobs; they all have to go to Chennai, Bangalore or Pune for jobs. They all have to live like slaves, far away from home just to earn Rs.25,000 per month.

Why am I writing this letter? I am one such guy. I am living far away from my parents and family for my job. If there are good job opportunities in Andhra, I want to come back and develop my state and stay close to my family.

Yours sincerely

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