Evaru Movie Review

Cast: Adivi Sesh , Regina Cassandra ,Naveen Chandra , Murli Sharma .
Music: SriCharan Pakala
Direction: Venkat Ramji
Producers: Pearl V. Potluri, Param V. Potluri , Kavin Anne

Adivi Sesh became a brand image for thrillers after movies like Kshanam and Goodachari. Now he is coming again with another edge of the seat thriller EVARU . Right from the Title , First Look to the teaser and trailer , it has created lot of buzz and lets see whether it meets the expectations or not.

Movie starts with a murder of cop Ashok (Naveen Chandra ) where Sameera ( Regina ) is the Victim. She hires Vikram ( Adivi Sesh ) to deal the case in favour of her. How Vikram deals the Case? Does Sameera get out of the mess? The rest of the film revolves around this. 


Its already a proven fact that Adivi Sesh gives his best in these type of movies, he once again proved it. Regina did a fabulous job especially in the second half. Naveen Chandra and Murli Sharma too justified their roles. 


Twists throughout the movie
Crisp runtime
Gripping conversations between Adivi Sesh and Regina
Interval Block and Climax Block


The way Adivi Sesh deal the things at the end is quite simple and odd.
Things start with a slow pace at the beginning.

Evaru is a film that rely highly on ScreenPlay and the Story. The twists that audience encounter throughout the movie is a huge advantage. Things start slowly at the beginning, but right from the interval block it gets more and more gripping. At some parts in second half it becomes a bit predictable which they could have taken more care. Casting too could have been more better. The Climax of the story is a big asset , but it could have been showcased in a much better way. 

Verdict: 3.25/5

Overall, Evaru is a Edge of the Seat thriller where audience can have a thrilling ride of twists. If you neglect the slow pace at the beginning there is nothing much that disappoints you. If you are not the one who wants only typical South Indian COMMERCIAL films, Give it a shot.

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