Saaho 1st day collections break Baahubali2 Record??

Saaho is gearing up for release on this Friday, hype on the movie mounting each passing day. Especially in Telugu states Saaho fever is on par with Baahubali2. As per our source in each area the Day1 collections will be on par with Baahubali2.

Nizam there is no permission for midnight and benefits shows so Saaho may collection 7.5 to 8Cr here Baahubali collected close to 9Cr. In Andhra the situation is different there are huge midnight and benefits shows planned and ticket price also increased, as per our sources Saaho might collect 35+Cr in andhra region for sure since most of the areas having huge Fixed Hires as well, Here Baahubali2 collected nearly 35Cr.
Looking at the current trend there are high chances for Saaho to break Baahubali2 Day1 in AP&TG, Lets wait for 2 more days!!

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