Saaho @ Telugu States Day4 Collections Report!!

Prabhas 'Saaho' registered Non-Baahubali2 highest on Day1 with 36+cr Share in Telugu States, and It peformed well on Day2 and Day3 as well with 10Cr+ each which is also a Non-Baahubali Record. Irrespective of reviews and mixed talk first 3 days it collected a Share 57+Cr in Telugu States.

Day4 also started on a Good note in Telugu states especially Very Strong in East and West Godhavari districts on par with Sunday, Good in Uttara Andhra region and Decent in Ceeded and other Andhra territories thanks to Holiday advantage but when it comes to Nizam there is a reasonable drop witnessed unlike Andhra Region form Sunday. Day4 Share will be around 8cr early estimation. So far good but since Huge investments involved it needs a long run for break even Position. Real Test begins from tomorrow let see where Saaho stands in Telugu States.

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