SyeRaa @ UA area Closing Collections

UA Area Collections

Day1: 4.21Cr
Day2: 1.06Cr
Day3: 0.74Cr
Day4: 0.78Cr
Day5: 1.04Cr
Day6: 0.47Cr
Day7: 1.09Cr
Day8: 0.78Cr
Day9: 0.42Cr
Day10: 0.31Cr
Day11: 0.35Cr
Day12: 0.39Cr
Day13: 0.12Cr
Day14: 0.10Cr
Day15: 0.04Cr
Day16: 0.04Cr
Day17: 0.02Cr
Day18 to 20: 0.12Cr

Total Closing Share 12.60Cr (Including GST+Hires)

Note: Theatrical rights sold for 14.5Cr


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  2. Enduku Ra meeku ee bathukulu chii... . UA lo breakeven ayyindi ani yevadini adigina cheptaru

  3. It's mahesh babu fan page bro nizam collections also showing less and bharath annu nenu collects 100 cr share anta wt a joke their fans only said maharshi is first 100 crore share movie Anne rey mee......

  4. No.1 FAKE WEBSITE. Not matching with any box office web track. Everywhere it is clear that UA is 16.71 in 21days and still doing well. Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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