Sarileru Neekevvaru @ Krishna 15days Collections

Sarileru Neekevvaru Krishna District Day wise Collections:

Day1: 3.07Cr
Day2: 0.69Cr
Day3: 0.47Cr
Day4: 0.63Cr
Day5: 0.68Cr
Day6: 0.72Cr
Day7: 0.60Cr
Day8: 0.47Cr
Day9: 0.43Cr
Day10: 0.20Cr
Day11: 0.12Cr
Day12: 0.09Cr
Day13: 0.05Cr
Day14: 0.04Cr
Day15: 0.08Cr

Total 15days Share: 8.35Cr


  1. Sari leru Neeke varu is just not a block buster, it's an industry hit, a bigger hit than Ala vaikuntapuramlo. When will these innocent diehard fans of Mahesh Babu realise that their megafake competitors are far ahead in their cunning conspiracies.?


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