RRR @ Pre-Release Business, ALL TIME RECORD!!

Rajamoui's another Magnum Opus and Biggest Multi starer in TFI #RRR Business is Hot Cake in Trade Circle, Its Business closed in Nizam with a deal of 75Cr by Dilraju, In Andhara all the Territories combined Business touches 100Cr and Ceeded deal closed for 36Cr, Its Humongous Bigger than Baahuali Lifetime Share in Telugu States.

If you think it has high expectation only on Telugu States you are wrong, Its Pre-Release Business in outside Telugu States also Shocking the Trade, It is getting the Deals which are bigger than Mighty Baahubali2 closing collections. According to the report Tamilnadu rights fetching 80Cr, Baahubali2 is a Industy Hit in Tamilnadu as well with 155Cr Gross and 78Cr Share #RRR need to score another Industyhit to recover its investments in Tamilnadu. Karnataka Business is nothing different getting deal close to 60cr its very Huge, Kerala rights also said to be sold for 25Cr. Hindi rights acquired by Karan Johar for Whopping 175Cr which is very Huge Bigger than any Hindi Superstar movies. Overseas right fetching Phenomenal 80Cr. Below are approx area-wise rights.

Territory         Business

Telugu States     215Cr
Tamilnadu           80Cr
Karnataka           60Cr
Kerala                  25Cr
Hindi                   175Cr
ROI                       15Cr
Overseas             80Cr

Total Theatrical Business 650Cr

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