Budget problems for Allu Arjun's Pushpa!!

Budget problems for Allu Arjun's Pushpa
After the gigantic success of Ala Vaikunta Purramulo, Stylish Star Arjun teamed up with Creative Director Sukumar. The movie is titled as Pushpa. The expectations are sky high on this rustic drama as this is third movie in their combination after 'Arya' and 'Arya-2'. Adding fuel to the fire, it will be a pan India film as it is going to be released in five languages. So the makers decided to make it grand without worrying about the budget. But the Corona Virus pandemic has other plans.
Theatres are under shutdown, and there is no clarity when they are going to be reopened. Even though they are reopened, the box-office experts are estimating that things will not be normal. There will be a drastic fall in the revenues that movies will make. This became a headache for the 'Pushpa' makers. Knowing this, a lot of risk involves to spend huge money on the movie. Therefore they came to a conclusion to make budget cuts. They asked Sukumar to revisit the script and to make some changes to make it budget friendly. This leaves a tough task for this Rangasthalam director.
This decision is also going to effect Allu Arjun's remuneration. Earlier he has decided to take whopping 35 crores as remuneration. Now because of this he agreed to cut his remuneration as well to support the makers in this difficult situations.

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