Renu Desai about Pawan Kalyan son's entry into movies!!

There has been a long debate going on about Power Star Pawan Kalyan's son Akira Nandan's entry into films. Pawan Kalyan fans are eagerly waiting to welcome the Junior Power Star. Whenever they get a chance, they are asking the same to Renu Desai, the ex wife of Pawan Kalyan.

Recently, Renu Desai said there is still no clarity on Akira's future. He has not decided yet about the entry into movies. She said, she will let him do whatever he wants to do in life. She does not want to force him to do something which he is not interested. So whatever path that Akira wants to take, she will encourage him to go in that direction. She also wanted people to not pressurise him about movies. She does not want him in the nepotism list.
So clearly the ball is in Akira's court. We have to wait to see whether he becomes the Junior PowerStar or not.

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