Deepika Padukone's insecurity exposed on #Prabhas21!

After 'Radhe Shyam' , Prabhas will join hands with 'Mahanati' fame Nag Ashwin. Yesterday, on the occasion of vyjayanthi movies 50years, the movie unit announced that bollywood lady superstar Deepika Padukone will be pairing with Prabhas in the movie. Right since the announcement, Prabhas fans are happy about that but on the other hand, Deepika has other things in mind.

When a reputated website represented the film as #Prabhas21, she replied that the film is not titled as #Prabhas21, it just happened to be Prabhas's 21st film. South Indian film industries have the habit of mentioning the films with hero's tag until they finalised a real title for the film. But we don't know why Deepika did not like calling the project as #Prabhas21.
Also when the same website reported it as Telugu, Hindi and Tamil project, she mentioned it as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu trilingual film. Clearly she wanted 'Hindi' to be mentioned first ahead of Telugu and Tamil. This is not a good part on her as the project mainly belongs to Telugu eventhough it is a Pan Indian venture.
However she did not stop with this. In her instagram profile, she put her status as her fan's instagram story, in which it is written that , "Prabhas dream is to work with Deepika and that dream comes true'.
So clearly we can see the intention of Deepika. She is trying to get more credit and wants to dominate Prabhas. This is her first tollywood film and trying to leave her mark here too, but this level of insecurity is not going to help her cause. We have to see how Prabhas and Nag Ashwin react to this.

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