Rajamouli started script work of Mahesh Babu Movie!

As there are no film shootings because of the current pandemic, the directors are using this free time to plan their next projects. Same applies to Rajamouli also. As the RRR shooting got held, he is busy with the script work of his next movie.

In a recent interview he confirmed that his next movie will be with SuperStar Mahesh Babu. This will be their first ever collaboration provided there is no change in their minds. Mahesh fans have been waiting for this combination since ages. There will be huge hype on this crazy project, so Rajamouli wants to take extra care.
We know Rajamouli takes a long time to complete a movie. Because of Covid-19, things became even more worse. Now it will take even more time for him to complete RRR. This will delay his further plans. Therefore he has decided to complete the script of the movie with Mahesh so that soon after RRR finishes, he can start this film without any further waste in time.

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