Ram Charan to take a brave step to break this Sentiment!

No matter how big a person's position is, he will follow some sentiments. Especially in telugu states we see more sentiments. More precisely in tollywood, they are numerous. One of them is, those who work with Rajamouli will face a debacle with the next film. This holds true for all the actors who worked with Rajamouli so far. Unfortunately no one overcame this. No matter whether they work with a star director or a young director after Rajamouli's film, the result has been same.

Recently we saw Prabhas did Sahoo with young talent Sujeeth after Bahubali. However he too had to face the same. Now it is the turn of MegaPower Star Ram Charan and Young Tiger Ntr as they are now working with Rajamouli for RRR. They already faced this before when they worked with Rajamouli earlier. So now they are aware of this and will surely try their best to overcome this.

Ntr already laid his hands on the shoulders of Trivikram to handle the responsibility of breaking that sentiment. But on the other hand, Charan still did not finalise anything. He is still in talks with various directors. Latest news is that, a young director named Satish said a line to Charan. He liked that line and asked Satish to come up with bounded script. So if satish able to impress Ram Charan with the bounded script, more likely charan will do the film right after RRR.
So Charan is going to trust the script instead of Director to overcome this sentiment. Will this brave move able to do what many others failed to do so far?? Only time has the answers.

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