Regina crossed limits in bold scenes!!

Regina Cassandra, a talented yet underrated actress. She got some hits in her back like Kotha Janta, Subrahmanyam for Sale, Evaru. Still she did not have enough good opportunities. When actresses are not getting opportunities, they will use a weapon called pushing the boundaries a bit in bold act. Now Regina too using the same weapon.

Recently Regina acted as a lesbian with Sonam Kapoor in 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’. She is currently awaiting the release of her Telugu Tamil bilingual movie. Amidst these Covid-19 circumstances, the movie recently came to the Censor board. As per sources the censor members were shocked with Regina's bold act and They had to chop many such scenes as they are crossed the boundaries. So clearly we can understand the intention of Regina. She has been doing such challenging roles and pushing the limits to grab all the attention. Hopefully she gets what she desires.

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