RGV shocking comments on Allu Arjun & Rana!!

Many fingers pointed to nepotism when Sushant Singh Rajput passed away. Since then, whenever celebrities interact with media surely they had to face the question about nepotism. They are trying their best to stay away from controversy. But when the boss of controversy is facing the same question, his answer will lead to more discussions. The same happened now with Ram Gopal Varma.

While he is busy with the promotions of his 'Power Star' film, a interviewer asked him about nepotism in tollywood. We know RGV always looks for an opportunity to create controversy, this time opportunity itself knocked his door with ample of scope for controversy.

Answering that, RGV said that a tamil actor once told him that Allu Aravind and Suresh Babu tried to suppress him to save their sons Allu Arjun and Rana Daggubati's careers. He also added that, "No human being can survive without selfishness in the film industry". He said that, "nepotism is very common in Movie industry and if not why chiranjeevi launched Ram Charan instead of a young talented newcomer?"
We can't trust Ram Gopal Varma's words and at the same time we can't deny these words. Only god knows the truth.

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