RGV to make movie on himself!!

Ram Gopal Varma always come up with out of the box projects. He is completely utilising this lockdown to put every single thought in his mind on paper and eventually on sets. He has been releasing movies almost every week. Ofcourse we cannot call them as movies due to their duration. His last release 'Power Star' is just 37 minutes.

RGV already announced his upcoming films 'Thriller' and 'Corona Virus'. Now he has finalised another film too.
RGV has decided not to make any movie on celebrities for some time. So he decided to put on hold Uday Kiran's Biopic and some other movies. To replace these, he has decided to make movie on himself. He titled the film 'RGV Missing'.
So yet again, RGV played an out of the box move. We have to see what he will show in this movie. Will he make satires on himself?

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