Buzz: RRR getting trimmed??

Covid-19 forced all the film makers to pause their work and change their schedules. Months passed, still there is uncertainty on when this pandemic settles down. Even though the government slowly unlocking things one by one, theatres are still shut down. Even if they are reopened, people may not dare to go and watch movies in theatres. This left all the movie units in dilemma. The RRR team too is no different.

As the scale of the movie is very huge, the RRR team are getting worried about this crisis. Already 2 years completed since the movie started, still there is 30% shoot remaining. The production house has already invested so much money but now producer Dvv Danayya is feeling this as a risky venture. As there will be a downfall in the revenues in the coming years, he decided to cut the budget a bit and also he asked Rajamouli to finish remaining shooting as soon as possible.
As a result Rajamouli is now in plans of trimming the script a bit. He has decided to remove some unwanted scenes that are yet to be filmed and reduce the number of days to work. This may solve the budget issues of the producer. But will this effect the quality of the movie and eventually result of the movie??

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