Script changes for NTR-Trivikram film!!

After RRR, Young Tiger NTR will join hands with Trivikram Srinivas. The project is tentatively titled, 'Ayinanu Poyi Ravale Hastinaku'. Currently the pre production work is going on and Trivikram is waiting for NTR to complete RRR shooting, who in turn waiting for the current pandemic to ease a bit.

In this free time, Trivikram is improvising the script and making some changes. As per the sources, he is going to meet Tarak in the coming days to narrate him the improvised script and to ask him if any further changes required.
As it takes more time for Tarak to finish RRR and join this unit, Trivikram is in plans of doing another movie before NTR's film. So during this meet, more likely he is going to tell Tarak about this plan. We have to see how Tarak reacts and what final decision Trivikram comes up with.

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