Sonu Sood tops among Bollywood Stars!!

Sonu Sood has been in news regularly over the last two to three months. This is not for any movie issue or any controversy but for his good works. While most of the actors are busy with their families and planning future movies, Sonu Sood took another path, He has been helping many migrants who are facing problems due to Covid-19. This has brought him a small gift in return.

According to a survey conducted by The Indian Institute of Human Brands(IIHB), Sonu Sood stood first in popularity over other Bollywood stars. This is purely because of the good things he has done in this pandemic time. Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bhachan came second and third respectively.
Even though no one expects anything in return when doing any good works, it is the responsibility of others to show some gratitude. Surely he will be happy with this and hopefully he gets good rewards in his acting career too.

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