Acharya Story debate : Koratala vs Rajesh, Who is genuine?

Megastar Chiranjeevi's upcoming film 'Acharya', which is being helmed by blockbuster director Koratala Siva. The movie unit has recently released the first look motion poster of the film. But now the project has been involved in some unwanted controversies.
A writer cum assistant director Rajesh made allegations that 'Acharya' plot is his own script and the makers are illegally using his story.
Rajesh said that the story revolves around a temple's land which will be encroached by antagonists with the support of government. A man from the same village fights over that land and eventually loses his life and then his son comes over to take the revenge.

Rajesh claimed that he narrated the story to Mythri Movie makers which was rejected by them. However as Koratala Siva is close to Mythri makers,  they had passed the story to him and that's how 'Acharya' was set up.
As the issue is getting bigger, the makers came out to clarify things. Matinee entertainments released a press note and stated that Acharya story is Koratala Siva's own work. Even Mythri Movie Makers too released a note stating that Rajesh made false allegations. They did not like the story he narrated and thereby they turned it down. They did not pass the story to anyone. They even added that they will file a case on Rajesh as he is defaming them with false allegations.

More interestingly, even Koratala Siva too interacted with the media to clarify the issue. Both Rajesh and Koratala had a head to head debate on NTV news channel.
Koratala strongly stated that 'Acharya' is his own story and moreover it's not the story that Rajesh narrated to Mythri Movie Makers. However Rajesh did not agree with this as he went on claiming that it is the same story. Finally Koratala made it clear that he will approach the court regarding the issue as Rajesh is totally defaming him. Even Rajesh too said he is even ready to get arrested rather than giving up on his story.
Things. got completely heated up now. We have to see how this issue reaches an end finally.

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