All these movies to follow Nani's decision??

Everyone got surprised when the news came about direct OTT release of Natural Star Nani and Sudheer Babu's 'V' movie. Initially Dil Raju did not show up interest on OTT release but as there is uncertainty on theatres reopening, he changed up his mind.

As per sources, Amazon Prime video offered around 35 crores for 'V' film. Eventhough it is not a huge amount considering Nani's market, the production team thought that even after theatres reopen, audience may not risk watching movies there which result in lesser revenues. Therefore they gave their consent for direct OTT release.
Similar to 'V' there are many other films like 'Red', 'Uppena', 'Nishabdam', '30 rojullo preminchadam ela', etc., which are ready for the release but waiting for theatres to get reopened. Until now the makers of these films hesitated for OTT release. But now after watching 'V' movie team decision, these movie units too are now in double minded state. As per sources, they too are now in talks with various OTT platforms to make a decent deal.
So Nani's decision pushing others to wend their way towards OTT release. We have to see which movies stand still and wait for theatrical release.

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