Karan Johar not happy with Prabhas22??

Prabhas's market has spiked up to next level, all thanks to Baahubali. Especially in north belt the demand for Prabhas movies is huge. Many Bollywood producers and distributors are in queue to team up with Prabhas. One giant among them is Karan Johar.

It is known that Karan promoted Prabhas in Bollywood since Baahubali. Back then he was in plans of roping in Prabhas for a film under his Dharma productions. He was even in talks with a ace Bollywood director to helm that project. In that process he asked Prabhas to wait for some time but to his surprise, Prabhas worked with his home banner UV creations for Radhe Shyam.
Since then differences aroused between Karan and Prabhas. However Karan still wanted a film with him but once again Prabhas gave surprise by announcing 'Adipurush' project in which he opted T series over Karan.

So this lead to many discussions that there must be some disputes between both of them. There are also some statements that Prabhas intentionally kept Karan away due to current nepotism issues in Bollywood.
Will Prabhas put an end to these rumors by signing a project with Karan?

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