These Hot actresses in Bigg Boss4??

Bigg Boss4 Contestants
Since the announcement of biggboss was made, there have been numerous names circulating around as contestants. Some of those have already made it clear that these rumours are fake and they are not part of Bigg Boss. But that did not stop the gossipers. Since then people who revealed that they are not part of Bigg boss are getting replaced by new ones in the gossiper lists. In the same process, now two new names are being heard.

As per the reports unlike the previous seasons which were filled with heated arguments, this season is going to be more glamorous and entertaining. Even Nagarjuna too asked the contestants to maintain happy and positive atmosphere in the house. Therefore the makers are looking for those contestants who are glamorous and very active. As a result there will be more female contestants this season.
Sources reported that the makers have approached character artist Surekha Vani and immediately she gave nod to be a contestant. She has acted in numerous telugu films and is very active in social media.

Along with Surekha Vani, we are also hearing the name of popular TV actress Sameesa Shereif for the same. Despite being just 22 years old, Sameera is famous for 'aunty' aged roles.
However there is absolutely no confirmation on these two being contestants. As the time is getting near by, we may get a clarity soon on official contestants list.

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