Payal says she may be found hanging soon!!

It is known that Bollywood actress Payal Gosh alleged that director Anurag Kashyap sexually assaulted her and forced himself upon her. She even asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action on him. She then gave a complaint on Anurag Kashyap with Mumbai police.

Payal was interviewed by a top media, and she gave all the details regarding the issue. However she said that the media managers approached Anurag to take his permission on publishing that interview. Because of this, Payal said that she wanted to hang herself soon. If any day she found hanging, she asked people not to consider it as a suicide. "But the people would be ready to declare that she was depressed", she added.When media asked Anurag regarding this, he just denied all those statements made by Payal and said they are untrue.

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