Prabhas's actress got arrested in drugs case!!

After Bollywood now Sandalwood is under the drugs hammer. It is already known CBI has started investigation regarding drugs usage in Sandalwood. Already actress Ragini Dwivedi got arrested on drugs usage. Now another actress joins the list.

Reportedly actress Sanjana, who is known to telugu people with Prabhas's Bujjigadu, has been arrested on drugs usage. Earlier the officers questioned her manager, and based on information given by him, they gathered few evidences and then arrested her.

Earlier Sanjana's friend Rahul too got arrested for the same. Then there aroused few doubts that Sanjana too might be related with this. But shockingly she responded to those rumours and denied them strongly. But now as she proved to be linked with those usage, we have to see how she responds on her previous false statements.

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