Production house apologies Vijay Devarakonda!!

Tamil production house Dusky entertainments has been conducting auditions for female lead role for their upcoming film. They have announced that Vijay Devarakonda will be the male lead in the film. Thinking that they are going to pair with Vijay, many upcoming actresses came forward for the auditions.

Few of those actresses cleverly approached Vijay team to confirm the news. Vijay's team gave clarity that the Rowdy star has not signed any movie with Dusky entertainments. As they are using his name illegally, Vijay has decided to file a case on them.
As issue got bigger, Dusky entertainments responded and apologized Vijay Devarakonda for using his name. They reported that they have handed over the audition job to a private agency and the agency used Vijay's name without informing them.
Now that they apologized, Vijay has decided to withdraw the complaint.

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