This Actor celebrated his son birthday with ALLU ARJUN cake!!

Stylish star Allu Arjun enjoys a huge fan following in Kerala and one of his diehard fans is none other than the four-year-old Jake, son of Malayalam actor Aju Varghese. Recently the kid celebrated his birthday, and the father made special customised celebrations.

The actor arranged a special cake featuring pictures of actor Allu Arjun in different poses to make Jake happy. There were also posters and pictures of Allu Arjun hanging in the background as part of the special decoration for the birthday. Posting the pictures of the birthday cake, Aju Varghese wrote on his social media page: “Jake at his age 4 is already a diehard fan of Allu Arjun garu. He dances to all his steps and every single video of his till date. So this was our only option for their birthday as a surprise. To win their respect I have a selfie with dear Allu Arjun garu”

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