Will Biggboss send Gangavva out of the house??

Amidst pandemic rage, Biggboss telugu season 4 started by crossing all the hurdles. Unfortunately as of now this season is not getting good response compared to earlier seasons. However the makers are trying their best to induce some entertainment in the show.

In the meanwhile, the makers are facing a new headache regarding Gangavva. This is the first time Biggboss has sent an Old age contestant into the house. Initially Gangavva looked good and competing but as days passing by, she couldn't tolerate the surroundings.
Since a couple of days, she has been sick and wishing to go out of the house in a week. However makers did not want to send her out as they thought she will be the one who gets them good TRPs. But audience did not like this management from the biggboss team. They are raging their comments in all social media platforms and asking Biggboss to send Gangavva out. Will Biggboss change their plans and send Gangavva out of the house? We will get the answer in the coming days.

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