Biggboss 4: Swathi's elimination is fake??

Amidst pandemic rage, Biggboss telugu season 4 started by crossing all the hurdles. Unfortunately initially this season is not getting good response compared to earlier seasons. However the makers are trying their best to induce some entertainment and now the show picked up some pace.

The basic process in the house is the nominations that take place every monday and the elimination on following sunday. However this week, Biggboss gave a twist by eliminating Swathi Deekshith on Saturday itself. That too the elimination was done with a simple gun task among the contestants. This has led to many discussions.
Few people are saying that this is just a fake elimination as real elimination is done through viewers votes. Also Swathi entered the house only last week, so it is unfair to eliminate her in this way. Therefore Swathi may come back to house again. Whereas few believe this as a real elimination. There may be chances for double elimination this week. So Biggboss has kept all of us in shock with this elimination. We have to see whether there is a twist in this or not.

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