Biggboss 4: This contestant to be eliminated this week!!

Amidst pandemic rage, Biggboss telugu season 4 started by crossing all the hurdles. Unfortunately as of now this season is not getting good response compared to earlier seasons. However the makers are trying their best to induce some entertainment in the show with too many wild card entries.

The basic process in the house is the nominations that take place every monday and the elimination that takes place in the following sunday. However yesterday Gangavva was sent out the house due to health issues. As she requested Biggboss to sent her out, Biggboss gave green signal.
But Sunday another elimination will take place which is based on Votes. As per reports Jordhar Sujatha has been eliminated as she got less number of votes compared to others. However this is not a surprise as many thought Sujatha would be eliminated in the earlier weeks. She survived earlier but not this week.

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