Controversies with RRR teaser!!

RRR unit resumed the shoot at the Aluminium factory. As promised, the unit has released Tarak's teaser on October 22. Since its release, there have been numerous discussions amd speculations regarding RRR story. Along with these, there have been some controversies too.

In the ultimate shots of the teaser, Tarak was seen as a muslim wearing a Skull cap. However we know that Tarak is portraying the role of Komaram Bheem. Therefore Komaram Bheem's family members raised objections on how Rajamouli can present Komaram Bheem as a muslim. They even demanded to remove those muslim scenes.
Even though none of the movie unit responded on this, there are some reports that this muslim role of Tarak will come as a surprise and will have some special importance. Therefore they are not getting worried with this controversy.

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