Overnight Celebrity: Super Over Girl!!

Social media has the magic to turn common people into celebrities. Especially in cricket we usually see these things. Some special audience in the stadium who were caught by the camera man will turn into over night celebrities.

Earlier we saw a bald Pakistani fan in a cricket match became meme material for his funny reaction. Last year, a fan girl of Royal Challengers Bangalore became popular as she was caught cute in the camera. 
Now even in this IPL, same thing has happened. Last sunday, Kings X1 Punjab vs Mumbai Indians match was a special one for many reasons. We have witnessed two super overs in that nail biting thriller match. Now this match has become more special for a lady fan who was in the stadium. A girl was caught in the camera biting her nails during the super overs.
Just with that cute picture she became "The Super Over Girl". Her name is Riana Lalwani and her Instagram followers were increased to 70k from 2k in a single night. She even changed her account description to Super Over Girl. The power of social media was proved yet again. 

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