Rajamouli planned to make RRR in 2 Parts??

Like every other film, magnum opus 'RRR' shooting too got paused due to pandemic Covid-19. Later when they decided to resume the shoot, Rajamouli contracted with the virus which delayed the plans further. But now everything is getting on track as the unit resumed the shoot.

However as many months wasted, there is still a lot of work pending for Rajamouli and team. As a result to avoid work pressure, Rajamouli is planning to break RRR into 2 parts and release them seperately like Bahubali.
However, Both NTR and Ram Charan voted against this proposal. As they have to give more dates for 2 parts, they said no to Rajamouli. Can Rajamouli able to finish entire work in the given time?

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