This is what Divi said after elimination!!

It is known that last sunday Divi eliminated from the Biggboss house. It was a bit surprise as many thought Divi was a strong contestant and would be in the top 5.

Just like every week, Divi was approached by many news reports after her exit and posed many questions regarding her experience in the house. Divi said she did not feel sad after elimination but as it is Dussehra episode, she felt a bit disappointed. She also added that after coming out of the house, her fans, family and supporters said that they were shocked with her elimination as she was playing well.
Regarding the housemates, Divi said that Amma Rajashekhar became a good friend of her. Apart from him she did not feel close to anyone. She added Abhijeet is very over confident that he gets more votes and the food issue with Lasya is not a silly one as many house mates including her faced few health issues due to that.
On the whole she said it was a life time experience and she miss the Biggboss house.

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