TV9 Anchor Devi re-entry to Biggboss house?

Amidst pandemic rage, Biggboss telugu season 4 started by crossing all the hurdles. Unfortunately as of now this season is not getting good response compared to earlier seasons. However the makers are trying their best to induce some entertainment in the show.

Last week, Anchor Devi got eliminated from the house. However she seemed like one of the strongest contestants in the house. Every one got got shocked with her elimination. Therefore rumours aroused that there was a scam behind this elimination. There were many discussions across social media platforms that biggboss eliminations are fake. In order to put an end to this negativity, Biggboss makers are considering of giving re entry chance to Devi. Re entries are not new to Biggboss. Every season, one of the eliminated contestants get a chance to enter the house again. But the big question is, amidst this pandemic, is it easy to make a re entry into the house? Before entering, she must undergo quarantine yet again which is technically very difficult. So we have to see whether she enter the house again or not.

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