BiggBoss4: Doctors report about Noel Condition!!

Biggboss telugu season 4 started on a slow note but slowly picked up all the energy. The makers are trying their best to add entertainment to the show with multiple wild card entries. Even King Nagarjuna's hosting too has been top notch.

Saturday Noel was sent out of the house due to health issues. Earlier he was sent to meet doctor and is said to come back. But as the health issues are too serious, doctors advised him not to continue the game. Therefore he came out of the house completely.
As per the reports, Noel has ankylosing spondylitis. Even before the start of Biggboss he has that disease for one leg. But as he continued the game, the disease has spread to the second leg too. Therefore doctors advised not to continue the game. It's unfortunate for him as he was playing well and was one of the strong contenders.

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