Biggboss 4 elimination: Makers saved Monal yet again??

The basic process in the Biggboss house is the nominations that take place every monday and the elimination that takes place in the following sunday.

However as the shooting for a particular episode happens a day before, every week on saturday somehow the details of elimination are getting leaked.
Similarly yesterday, news came out that Monal got eliminated this week. Reports also confirmed that she got least number of votes this week. However surprisingly, few hours later the same sources changed their info and stated that Avinash got eliminated.
It is confirmed that Monal got least votes but Biggboss has eliminated Avinash. This is leading to controversy as there are some discussions that Biggboss has been saving Monal from many weeks. Once again this week Biggboss saved Monal.
We don't know whether this is true or not, but incase if this is true, it is unfair on other contestants if Biggboss tries to save a particular contestant. 

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