Is Rajanikanth Brand A Safe Bet?

Rajanikanth is a huge brand and the very name sets the cash registers ringing. But it has to be acknowledged that after Robot, Rajinikanth hasn't had a proper release. Though Vikramarka released, one cannot put the film in Rajinikanth’s account. So, it has been four years since he was last seen on screen. That is also probably one of the reasons why there are a lot of expectations on his forthcoming film Linga. The film being directed by KS Ravi Kumar is slated for release on December 12.

The film is being released all over India by Eros International. The talk is that they bought the distribution, satellite and DVD rights for Rs 140 crores. And till date, no south Indian film has made such pre-release business and if Eros has invested such a huge amount, it means that the film will have to make about Rs 50 crores in the Telugu market.

However, Eros has put many wrong steps in the recent past and they have had many failures. So many are wondering if Eros has overestimated Rajinikanth’s range or if Linga indeed has so much to offer? Of course, when compared to Vijay’s recent release Kaththi, the figures are not very intimidating. But some say that banking solely on Rajinikanth’s charisma is not a small thing.

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