The Real Story behind Mahesh Pokiri

Everyone knows that Puri Jagannath with powerful mass entertainer Pokiri, presented super stardom to Prince Mahesh Babu and in the process set new trend in Tollywood.

However a top industry source, reveals an interesting episode behind the making of Pokiri, one of the biggest hits in T-town and how it would have been almost shelved, if not, director Puri changed his mindset.

Actually, superstar Mahesh Babu was reportedly unhappy with director Puri for few reasons. Director was in Ravi Teja hangover and wanted Mahesh to reel out pages of dialogues but Okkadu star was apprehensive and preferred to underplay his character, with punches once-in-while. A source reveals "After first 15-day schedule, Mahesh wasn't willing to be loud like Ravi Teja and even announced a break for shooting".

Being a co-production, of his sister Manjula, Mahesh reportedly summoned Puri and insisted that he should 'allow' him to do the role of an 'undercover' in subtle his way or it will be difficult for him to take the project forward. "With Puri agreeing to his suggestion, rest was history" he adds. Surely, Mahesh decision has paid off and he added immense followers after its success and also pushed Puri into the big league of directors. Don't you think, Mahesh should offer suggestions even for his 'future films' since his judgement had hit 'bull's eye".

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